Tax Preparation and Filing

Income Tax Return Preparation

We can complete and file your Federal and State returns whether you’re an individual, trust or estate, non-profit organization, or small business (sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, or corporation). While we’re located in Massachusetts, we can prepare state income tax returns for any jurisdiction.

Your individual situation will determine the forms and schedules that are required. We can complete the necessary schedules promptly and accurately, including:

Form 1040, Schedule C for sole proprietorship businesses
Form 1040, Schedule E for owners of rental real estate or for real estate investors
Form 1041, for Trusts and Estates
Form 1065 or Form 1120 for businesses, including partnerships, S corporations, and LLC’s
Form 990 or Form 990-PF for non-profit organizations.

Whether you are a homeowner, parent(s) with child care or educational expenses, student, investor, business owner, real estate investor, or self employed, R.E. Schneider has the experience and knowledge necessary to understand – and to help you understand – the complex, ever changing tax rules that exist today. More importantly, we can help you take advantage of any credits and deductions that you are entitled to receive.

Electronic Filing of Tax Returns

The quickest, most accurate way to file tax returns is to e-file them; e-filing is also the fastest way for you to receive any refund you’re owed. R.E. Schneider Tax Services is an authorized IRS e-file provider and will electronically file your Federal and State returns.

Amended Tax Returns

If you discover or are notified by the IRS or your state tax department that you need to file an amended return for any reason, we can prepare and file it quickly and accurately for any open tax year.